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Senior associate director of the Institute for the Environment at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Tony Reevy is a graduate of North Carolina State University, UNC-Chapel Hill and Miami University. He is a David P. Morgan Award winner (2006) and a Pushcart Prize nominee. His previous publications include poetry, non-fiction and short fiction. His newest publication is a book of poetry Old North available on Amazon and in local bookstores. Old North is published by Iris Press. photo of Old North His poems are anthologized in Earth and Soul: An Anthology of North Carolina Poetry, Poets for Peace: A Collection, and many others. His books/chapbooks are O. Winston Link: Life Along the Line - a Photographic Portrait of America's Last Great Steam Railroad,Ghost Train!: American Railroad Ghost Legends, A Directory of North Carolina's Railroad Structures (with Art Peterson and Sonny Dowdy), In Mountain Lion Country, Green Cove Stop, Magdalena, and Lightning in Wartime. He resides in Durham, North Carolina with wife, Caroline Weaver, and his two children.

There will be a book release party will be at the Museum of Durham History Hub in Durham at 3 p.m. on Sunday, August 4.

photo of O. Winston Link: Life Along the Line

Order Tony's most recent non-fiction book online at O. Winston Link: Life Along the Line - a Photographic Portrait of America's Last Great Steam Railroad published by Abrams.

O. Winston Link photographed the Norfolk and Western, the last major steam railroad in the United States, when it was converting its operations from steam to diesel in the 1950s. Link’s N&W project captured the industry at a moment of transition, before the triumph of the automobile and the airplane that ended an era of passenger rail service. His work also revealed a small-town way of life that was about to experience seismic shifts and, in many cases, vanish completely. Including a collection of more than 180 of Link’s most famous works and rare images that have never before been published, this book offers a moving account of the people and communities surrounding the last steam railroad.

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The book is also featured in the Wall Street Journal, , and many other newspapers.

Poem of the Month

First Week in Troy -- 1972

A cold wind blows
down the Hudson
(this is before the
fish came back).

Fords and Chevys crawl up
the ice-slick avenue
canyoned by a
beetling shirt factory.

A boy, face pressed
against family-car window,
dreams warm bleakness
of the desert.

Moving, always moving.
Moving on, moving forward, moving
to and fro across a continent
as if the meanest peninsula.

This is America. This is the
covered wagon, lightning
express, clipper ship
in the modern world.

This is a boy, face against
the safety glass,
wishing he had a,
wishing he knew where was,


First published in Green Cove Stop (Finishing Line Publications, 2002)
Pushcart Prize Nominee poem by Finishing Line Publications, 2002

Tony Reevy

Tony Reevy has received numerous honors for his writing and non-profit service. He has served on the boards of environmental and railroad history non-profits. He is available to read or speak about O. Winston Link: Life Along the LIne or any of his other publications. Please contact Tony at tonyreevy [at symbol]

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